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Mike Sparks is founder of CEO of Street Smarts As an entrepreneur with 20 years of internet sales experience, a lifelong learner and author of three books he knows the importance of a strong online presence. Two of his books are currently in the #1 spot on Google’s first page, not just on the first page, but the very top of the page!

Mike sold his first car at the age of 16 which led him to start Tennessee’s first ‘dotcom’ car company incorporating a domain name as a car business. He later performed the first online auto transaction in the state of Tennessee in the 90s. Starting Mid Tn Autos in 2001 selling over 2000 cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, and more, not only nationwide, but worldwide as well. 

After many friends and customers encouraged him to write a book, he wrote his first book, “Learn the Car Business for Fun and Profit.” About a year after that he wrote his second book, ‘Learn to Barter.’  His third book is, “How to Do More with Less During Tough Times.”

Sparks has been featured in the front cover is Used Car News and the Business Journal for innovative marketing ideas. He also started the first radio show from his community, “Smyrna Issues” heard via WGNS Radio. Sparks started using video before the local newspapers and even the radio station itself did.  The show is now going on almost 12 years.

Sparks has served as an elected official since 2002. He ran for county commission in his first race which was against a more well-known incumbent and another incumbent school board member, both elected officials and their families went back in his community for 150 years or more, while Sparks mother is from Scotland and father was from Oklahoma. Sparks, a newcomer to politics was able to win the election with roughly 45% of the vote. Eight years later Sparks ran for state representative against an 8-year incumbent who was much better funded and Sparks was told “he couldn’t win since he was being outspent 5 to 1 and no one had ever won and been outspent that much.” Sparks, while being outspent won the election by over 1600 votes. Sparks later surprised people when he invited his opponent to lunch and asking him for advice. 

Sparks is currently in his 5th term and was recently outspent 4 to 1 and went on the won his election.

Sparks graduated Middle Tennessee State University in 2015 and went back to complete another degree in the School of Journalism and Strategic Media.

He can be reached at or call 615-525-3198.

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